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Body Shape Analysis

Would you like to discover your body shape and master how to dress authentically for your unique body shape?


This is my flagship 9 step programme and it consists of a series of weekly sessions over the period.

Programme Elements:


In depth Initial Consultation so l can understand my client and how best l can serve them

Mindset Coaching

Style Personality Analysis

Body shape analysis

Confidence Coaching

Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis

Personal Top-to-Toe grooming

Personal Shopping

Makeover session

Direct access to myself during the coaching and or e-mail support or telephone

Complimentary follow-up session 2 to 3 months later (video call or in-person)

Programme Outcomes:

At the end of the programme, you will:

Discover your Authentic Style

Understand your Body Shape and what to wear to enhance and to flatter your figure.

Greater awareness of Dominant, secondary colours and your Colour season

You will master how to create outfit capsules and mix’n match outfits with Confidence.

Shop confidently and purposely and save a lot of money and time

Understand how to confidently choose underwear that flatters your figure.

You will have confidence to accessorise your outfits.

You will have a curated wardrobe full of clothes that you love and inspire you.

Gain basic understanding on grooming yourself:- skin, hair & make-up

You will simply look good, feel great and excited about the future

Connect with your authentic self, raised self-esteem and shine with inner confidence

Create a compelling and authentic Personal Brand and Enhanced visibility

Undeniable presence and impact on your Job or Business and be paid as such.

Be clear concise and honest in your communication

Learn how to say NO, and create healthy boundaries and live stress free life

Fall back in love with yourself and live the truest and best version of yourself.

You will have a transformed mindset, positive body-image, self-confidence and be empowered to get the breakthroughs you desire and live a fulfilling life.


Duration: 10am to 5pm in a stylish and private setting.

This package is aimed to help you design your Style Signature quickly and effectively. Perhaps you are a Business owner, Speaker with upcoming opportunity or a professional looking for a promotion. Attending this day will create a winning Personal image, enhance your visibility, boost your confidence and potential

Programme Elements:

In depth Initial Consultation so l can understand my client and how best l can serve them (prior to day)

Image Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Body shape analysis

Style and colour advise

Capsule wardrobe building

Accessorizing your outfits with confidence

Personal Branding tips

Surprise pamper session

Sessions take place in Oxford or London

Digital colour palette will be supplied to you.

Complimentary follow-up session 2 – months later

NB: Bring a couple of outfits and accessories for assessment and feedback.


I understand that other clients have specific requirements and do not necessarily need all the elements in above 2 packages or have or a limited budget. If this describes your situation, then this this package is for you as you basically get to choose the elements of interest to you from list below



Duration: 2hrs

Discovering your body shape is one of the important foundations to your personal styling journey, once you nail this, the rest will fall into place and this will help you save a lot of time when shopping and also spare you having costly mistakes hanging in your wardrobe

In this session we will:


Explore your unique body shape

How best to enhance and flatter your figure

Conceal any areas that you are conscious of.

You will understand what clothing style, pattern, cuts, fabric to look for when shopping

We will go through various clothing that will work best for you and the ones to avoid

We will explore and talk about well fitting underwear as a good foundation

You will acquire knowledge to shop for yourself confidently and dress yourself like a pro


Duration: – 2hrs

With colour analysis, you will be able to discover the colours that flatter your natural colouring and make you radiate. You will also learn how to mix and match colours.  The next time you have to go clothes shopping, you won’t waste your money or time on colours that do not work for you . When you wear the right colours, it will dramatically boost your confidence and consequently your performance. It will also enhance your appearance.

In this session we will:


Explore your dominant and secondary colours

Assess your colour season

Talk about psychology of colours

Advise on your colour palette to choose from and your wow colours


Personal digital season selector card will be supplied to you for use whenever you go shopping.     


Duration:- 4hrs

Research shows that we typically wear 20% of our clothes 80% of time. This is ideally carried out in client’s own home. The purpose of this exercise in a nutshell is to shred what doesn’t serve you, discover hidden treasures from the depths of your wardrobe and new combinations from existing pieces, identify gaps so that you are left with a smaller but beautifully co-ordinated wardrobe with clothes that flatter and excite you.

In this session we will:


Do a colour analysis and body shape analysis to ensure exercise is as effective as possible.

Lifestyle analysis

Weed out unsuitable clothes

Identify gaps in clothes

Teach you to create outfit combinations from existing pieces

Write out shopping plan

Re-organising wardrobe

Talk about enhancing outfits with accessories


Duration:- 4hrs (usually)

Does the thought of going shopping leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted or are you just short of time and would like professional help? Whether you are looking for a whole new wardrobe, or just adding a few key pieces to your existing wardrobe, I will ensure you have a stylish  wardrobe full of clothes that not only suit your body shape, style personality, budget and colouring, but clothes that you love and inspire you.

During this exercise we will:


Start with prior consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve from the trip

On the day, we meet up for coffee and discuss plan of attack

I will take you to the right shops for your figure, lifestyle and budget

With my guidance I will introduce you to new flattering styles, colours and brands

You will try out different outfits and accessories and I give you useful feedback

I aim to make this fun and empowering for you.


 Duration: 2hrs (2x1hr)

 “Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”-Jeff Bezos.  People buy from people and that makes “YOU” the most important product whether it is in business or your career! How you show up in the world certain makes a difference be it in person or digitally. Which then makes the concept of Personal Branding of paramount importance. Building an authentic Personal brand, is a powerful weapon to success as it sets you apart from the crowd and raises your professional visibility and increases your value.

 I will help you to:



Design an authentic personal brand package that will give you the confidence to show up as the best version of yourself.

Create an authentic Personal image that works for and not against you

Enhance and increase visibility of your personal brand

Develop professional presence and train you to manage your reputation.


Duration:-  (Variable)

The most beautiful thing you can wear is self-confidence because when you do, not only are you attractive to work with but also simply unstoppable! My Coaching sessions will be tailored depending on clients’ needs and where they are at present.

Some of the areas to cover are:


Selflove Mastery

Confident Body Image

Confident Body Language

Verbal Communication