“Helping ambitious career & entrepreneur women to move from being   Invisible to Irresistible!”

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Are you an ambitious Career woman or Entrepreneur and are sick and tired of feeling invisible?

Do you feel invisible and overlooked in your job, business, or social life because of your self-image? Are stuck in a style rut and would like Professional help to raise your game?

Would you like to create a wardrobe that empowers and excite you and works for your lifestyle?    Do you feel you are made for more, yet your Style and self-image is holding you hostage?                      

This call is for you if you’ve answered “YES” to any of the questions above, and you are considering working with a coach to navigate your steps forward with support.

Helping You Achieve Success

Why not book yourself a free 30 minute clarity call with me below where we can:


Explore what blocks you are currently facing

Gain crystal clarity on your desired Style Strategy and Personal goal(s).

Outline steps to take you to your desired Style goals

Suggest steps on how to tap into your inner power and boost your self-confidence.

Suggest steps on how to maintain your new Authentic Style.

Body Shape Analysis

Would you like to discover your body shape and master how to dress authentically for your unique body shape?

Wadrobe Detox

Would you like to discover hidden treasures from the depths of your wardrobe? Would you like to create a wardrobe with only clothes that, flatter, enhance you figure and excite you?

Personal Branding

How do you show up in the world? Would you like to create an authentic Personal Brand that sets you apart from the crowd, raises your professional visibility and increases your value.

Confidence Coaching

A woman who believes in herself is simply unstoppable! Would you like to learn the art of Self-Confidence so you can step out, step up and make your mark in the world?

Invisible to Irresistible programme (ITI)

Helping ambitious professional and entrepreneur women to move from hiding to shining their light unapologetically and feel unstoppable!

Discover your Authentic Style

Create a unique & Compelling Personal Brand

Stamp out fear & Sky rocket self-confidence

Get highly visible

Tap into your inner power and fall in love all over with yourself

Create success & enjoy an authentic & fulfilling life

About Me


Hi, I’m Tori. I help ambitious, Entrepreneur and Career women who are sick and tired of being Invisible, are done with fitting in, women who are ready to tap into their inner power, step out boldly and shine unapologetically.

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During Tori’s Confidence and Style Bootcamp Programme, l learnt little changes to apply to my life that helped boost my confidence and made my whole day different and l also learnt what my body shape is and the clothes l need to avoid in order to dress for my body shape successfully. I found Tori’s Coaching style to be very kind and personalised. When people see someone at the very first time, they cannot really talk openly as can be a bit embarrassing, but Tori created a nice and calm environment which made me more relaxed and comfortable to talk.

Juri Na: Postdoctoral researcher

After Tori’s Confidence and Style Bootcamp Programme, my moral went high immediately and felt l can start from somewhere. I gained more courage to talk to other people which l didn’t have confidence to do before. I found the coaching system very positive and relaxing. I liked that we worked in a group and we also had one-on-one meetings. Group meeting helped to see and hear from different perspectives and the one-to ones allowed for personalization and privacy.

Marina Bozic: Dental Nurse

After Tori’s Confidence and Style Bootcamp Coaching, I gained confidence to speak with certain managers at work which l struggled with previously and l already feel my relationship with one of them has greatly improved. After taking on the declutter challenge as part of coaching, l felt so good. I now feel more organised, positive and in control Moreover, l have also previously worn the same plain outfits to work. The personal style exercise on Day one gave me inspiration to be more feminine and experimental in my dressing. I found Tori to be a relaxed and yet professional coach. I liked the fact the coaching had a personal touch, that Tori took her time to get to know everyone and make them feel at home. I think having a good connection is important in a Coaching relationship’’

Christine Elmes

I contacted Tori after realising just how disastrous my wardrobe was. I have to say meeting up with Tori did me a lot of good! Tori helped me overhaul my wardrobe completely. I cleared out my wardrobe of the items I was wearing because they were familiar, not because they were flattering and I bought a selection of new clothes I’d never have considered before, but actually suit me really well. I put together the clothes I had in new ways, which helped to improve my range of clothing options. After undergoing Tori’s Style Coaching Programme, I feel like I’ve got a better awareness of what I’m choosing when I go out shopping, as well as why I’m choosing it, and I now actually stop and think about whether it really suits me. My selection of clothes is already a lot better. Getting an unbiased opinion is really useful and can help you make the changes you know you should have made already!

Sarah Fisher

After the Style and Confidence Bootcamp, l got to understand the interrelationship between Style and Confidence. I learnt various Confidence techniques to help boost my confidence and what clothing to choose that suits my body shape. Tori is a very friendly and approachable Coach. She is also passionate about the coaching and keen to share her knowledge.

Natalia Cotorabai: Finance Professional


Who is The ITI programme for?


Are tired of feeling invisible and overlooked.

Would like to discover a style that is authentic to who they are

Would like to create a wardrobe that works for their budget and lifestyle.

Would like to create a wardrobe that excites and empowers them

Know they are made for me and are held hostage by their Personal-image

Would like to craft a Personal brand that’s in alignment with their personal goals.

Are tired of living a limited life and under shadow of self-doubt

Are fired up and ready to make the necessary shifts and commitments to get the breakthroughs you deserve in life

Are ready to step up, step out and shine unapologetically

You want to know the secret to authentic Self-Confidence and fall in love with themselves all over again.

What results can you expect ?


Discover your Authentic Style

Understand your Body Shape and Complementing outfits

Greater awareness of your Colour season

Mix and Match outfits with Confidence.

Shop confidently and purposely and save a lot of money and time

Raise your self-esteem and self confidence

Create a compelling and authentic Personal Brand

Increase your presence and impact on your Job or Business and be paid as such.

Feel empowered & excited about the future

Connect with your authentic self Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself

Have desired breakthroughs in career or business Health benefits, living stress free life

Creating new standards for yourself

Be clear concise and honest in your communication

Learn how to say NO, and create healthy boundaries

Watch your best life unfold with ease

Create DEEP intimacy and meaning in your personal relationship

Fall back in love with yourself

Live the truest and best version of yourself.

Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with ease

Get crystal clear on your personal goals.

What exactly is Invisible to Irresistible Programme and what does it include?

Invisible to Irresistible is my Signature 90 day, 9 Step Programme designed to help ambitious career and entrepreneur women like you, who are sick and tired of being invisible and are ready to step up, to connect with their authentic self, create a unique style they love, enhance their visibility, have unshakable self-confidence so you can step up boldly and get the desired breakthroughs be it in your career, business, personal life and live a fulfilling life, because you worth it!

“This isn’t your run of the mill ‘Personal Styling’ this is deep, powerful work that will tap into your inner strengths and help you shine and be authentically you so you can step out and make your mark in the world.”


If you are sick and tired of feeling invisible, yet you know you are made for more, and you would like to connect with your Authentic self and create that irresistible image of yourself that will empower you to move from hiding to thriving and create success in both your career, business  and personal life and feel unstoppable, then l am here to serve you.

Apply to join my ITI Programme and lets unleash your hidden power and create success in your life!

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